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“We planted you, we nurtured you, we protected you
until you became a mighty tree that spread through our
hunting grounds. With its branches you now lash us.”

– Mississauga Chief


This area was used by the Rideau Lakes Mississauga Band
of the Ojibwe or Anishinaabe Nation, as a meeting place.

I wander to a sacred shrine,
with open heart and open mind.
I hope to meet with spirits passed.
I can’t imagine what I’ll find.

At sundown, hunter spirits come
together at this hallowed place.
In this open air cathedral
we share a moment filled with grace.

In reverence I sit in awe ~
I see them clearly as my hand.
Like brothers at a festive time,
our common bond, this precious land.

I hear their voices, hear their tales
of hunting parties from the past.
Their faces ashen, lined with age,
they came as smoke, and left as fast.

So real, yet from another world
when buffalo were free to roam.
Was Mississauga hunting ground;
now, it’s my home away from home.

They were a brave and noble Band.
The flora, fauna were their friends.
Our bond with Mother Earth is lost;
let’s try to find it once again.