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i live in the borderlands,
between reality and imagination,
just this side of fantasy.


reality is okay.
i visit there
to check my mail,
earn a few dollars,
pay some bills,
buy groceries.


reality is an okay place to visit
but, i wouldn’t want to live there.


i’m happiest in my mind
where I filter my thoughts
like an answering machine.
i delete the negative,
dwell on the positive.


people may see me walking alone.
they don’t see the beautiful woman
at my side
with her hand in mine.


i may be seen sitting at a table, alone.
nobody sees the delicate hand,
with the magic fingers,
sliding up my thigh.


or, the passionate kiss
being planted on my throat,
the fingers running through my hair.


where i work
people see me smile.
they think I enjoy my job.
they don’t know me.

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