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Along a woodland path, I strolled
of nature’s beauty I extolled:
The dappled trail, a great horned owl,
infrequently, a gray wolf’s howl.

The gentle, scented lake-side breeze
had me completely at my ease.
The midnight hour had come and gone.
Toward a clearing, I was drawn.

Why I went, I’ll never know.
It was my destiny to go.
The Harvest Moon with mystic light
revealed an otherworldly sight.

A shimmering appeared, it seemed,
or, perhaps, I’d only dreamed.
I knelt in supplication to
a spirit who appeared in view.

In beauty, purity and grace,
with love-light shining from her face,
a halo, waves of raven hair.
I was in awe to see her there.

I kissed her hand and softly prayed.
The orchestra of nature played.
The scent of cedar on her skin
enveloped me with warmth within.

The blessing of her touch sublime,
in harmony, our souls entwined.
A world apart, together now —
no question as to where or how.

Conversation through the night.
Her wisdom helped me see the light.
In times of need, like little birds,
they come to me, her precious words.

To me, her message was of love
for man, for nature, God above.
To let me love beyond my fear.
To live in balance through the year.

Awakened at the break of dawn
I found the spirit to be gone.
Perhaps a dream — and then I found
a ring of stones placed on the ground.

I sometimes feel her doeskin dress
against my arm — a sweet caress.
Poetic gifts of love and grace,
soothe my heart, my soul embrace.

Notes: The stones represent: Learning, Respect, Acceptance, Spiritual Sight, Listening, Speaking, Love, Service, Relationship, Creativity, Dynamic Spirituality and Gratitude.

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