They Call Me Red

Dear Readers of my Gotta Find a Home Series, thank you for the 101 ratings (4.33 avg) and 58 text reviews posted on Goodreads. These four books were fictional in that I changed names and locations in the interests of privacy; apart from that, they were as close to reality as I could remember.

I have written a new book entitled They Call Me Red, under the pseudonym Dane Connor, that I hope you will consider reading. This is in the Amazon category of Action & Adventure Erotica (Kindle Store). A print version will be released in the near future. This book contains fiction, research and life experiences. The protagonist, Dane Cross, is a retired military black op who, with his comrades in arms, wants to establish shelters around the world for those forced onto the streets due to homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction and medical conditions such as post-traumatic stress syndrome. He has many challenges along the way such as a run-in with an international outlaw motorcycle gang. Following is the description I wrote for Amazon:

Dane Cross, he liked the sound of that, simple, direct, easy to spell, easy to remember, enigmatic. A life of deception can’t have too many complications or explanations. He was a man for hire, private investigation, bouncer, anything this side of legal. Trained as a black op in combat with a license as a Private Investigator he was equipped for many rolls, most of them quick and dirty. Always the guy from out of town. He had no recorded past, not even fingerprints. He’d traveled the back streets and alleys in the worst districts of the world. What he’s seen, no one should see, no one should experience. The reality was that crime exists everywhere. The removal of low life crooks was his obsession.

So-called, Dane meets Red, owner of ‘The Playmate’ strip club who is also an expert in martial arts. She’s intelligent, creative, compassionate, beautiful and they share many of the same interests. After the club is attacked by an outlaw motorcycle gang and a biker is killed Dane and Red become equal partners. They realize that their photographs have been circulated internationally and their lives will always be clouded in danger. Gradually, the realization dawns on them that their mutual respect and admiration has turned to love and mind-blowing sex. Follow their journeys around the world as they take from the rich and give to the poor.

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