The wake lasted for three days to allow people to come from afar to pay their respects and to say good-bye. It ended when the body was taken out of the house for the last time and moved to the local Church. On the day of the funeral, the coffin was carried by 6 males, family and close friends of Paddy. A Hearse led the procession to the Church with family and friends following behind the males carrying the coffin.

The funeral mass lasted 45 minutes with the priest and loved ones speaking about achievements made by the departed. Again, the coffin is carried by family and friends to the cemetery. 

The farm was quiet as nobody wanted to disturb the reverie. Instead of hammers banging, saws buzzing and drills whining we heard birds singing. Birds brought solace, not just bad omens. In ancient times, it was believed that your beloved departed relative would return to you in the form of a bird, at least for the duration of the mourning period.

Seven bikers were arrested and held in custody until the seven-week trial ended. The judge in sentencing said, “This was an appalling murder. A totally innocent man was cold-bloodedly executed with a firearm in broad daylight. Padraig Murphy was a person with his own work life, his own social life, his own private life, none of these lives, which he enjoyed, was entitled to continue to enjoy, in any way impinged upon your lives. The utter pointlessness of what you did makes his murder more shocking.”

The judge added: “None of you has shown the remotest feeling, consideration or remorse for what you did.

“This dreadful crime, in my judgment, falls into a particularly high category of seriousness because it involved the use of a firearm and because of its cold-blooded and ruthless nature.”

The seven defendants were each given life sentences of approximately 27 years for a combined total of 191 years.

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