Morning at the Farm


I awoke to the sound of rain and the feeling of a warm body behind me. I leaned back slightly to feel more of your breasts against my shoulders. I arched my back to feel your belly and pussy against my ass. I’m in heaven. I reach around with one hand and stroke the firm cheeks of your ass. I fondle them and think of all the pleasure they have given me. I imagine all the parts of you that I can feel, but can’t see. I catch the scent of pine and your perfume and the faraway odor of wood smoke. My life is perfect.

I gently roll onto my back and you take me in your mouth. It feels like paradise. I watch you touch yourself, slowly sliding your fingers into your pussy. I take your hand and suck your fingers individually. You lean into me, your hair falls around me and your breasts fall into my cupped hands, a warm, sumptuous gift of flesh. I kiss each nipple in gratitude, run my tongue around the edges then gently suck them into my mouth. They harden into firm buds and I can feel your intake of breath. The back of my hand touches your ribcage and I feel the quickening beat of your heart.

You trace the veins that extend up my arm and across my chest. As I tighten my fist the veins enlarge like a roadmap then fade when I release pressure. You run your fingers through my chest hair then kiss and gently bite my nipples. Like an electric current my abdomen is jolted with warmth and desire. We deep kiss. I reach back and gently pull the hair at the back of your head so that I can see the beauty and the allure of the woman who is pleasuring herself while looking deep into my eyes. I reach around your hips and with my hands on the cheeks of your ass, I lift and pull your so that your pussy is against my welcoming mouth. I lick your folds, taste your juices, flick and suck your clit with my tongue. You moan with pleasure. As I’m sucking your clit I hum a deep vibrating note that brings you to orgasm. You then slide back and forth over my engorged cock, stroke it with your hand and press it against your wet folds until you are ready to lower yourself onto me. We sink into the depths of pleasure as every nerve is firing. When you’re ready to come you reach back and gently massage my balls. Feeling them tighten I arch my back and you ride me until I’m nearly ready to explode, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. We are both perspiring and slippery. I embrace you with my arms and pull my face to your breasts. I taste the sweat and pull them into my hungry mouth.

You beg me to make you come again so we roll over together, you pull your knees up,  I spread your legs and press your calves against my chest. With my hands at your waist, I pull and push you, testing the depth of your cavity, before exerting pressure. I adjust your legs so that I don’t cause you any pain. Then I plunge in. The bed is rocking. You reach back to grip the slats. I arch my back as I feel my orgasm building. I am wild, out of control, everything depends on riding this climax to the end. My cock erupts and spurts inside you over and over again. I am weak with exertion as I slowly rock back and forth. You lower your legs and squeeze my shaft with your thighs. We hug and kiss deeply allowing our breathing and heartbeats to slow. We luxuriate in the feeling of our bodies pressed together.

Later, you arise and I watch the vision of your legs and ass as you walk to the bathroom. You bring a warm wash that you place over my cock then reach under and gently sooth my balls. We shower together, slowly lathering and caressing each other. Wrapped in bath towels we then lay back on the bed. You pull on your jeans and one of my flannel shirts that you roll up at the wrists. It fits you like a dress. I smile and you bend to kiss me before you leave.



The day is dreary, I can hear raindrops falling and slipping down the roof of the cabin. I want to stay in bed but get up and shower, wash my hair, come back to you in bed and snuggle up naked behind you. The warmth of your body is delicious and I stretch mine full against you, my breast pressing into your shoulders, my belly and pussy pushing against your lower back and bare ass. You turn over onto your back, I wet your erection with my saliva and suck you until you are fully erect, I love to see it fall back engorged on your abdomen. I feel my own sex with my fingers and I am slippery and need to straddle you, I lean my breasts forward and you suck and run your tongue around the nipples, they hardened into firm buds and it sends a feeling into my abdomen, sinking into desire, I think your body is beautiful, that you are a beautiful and sexy man. We deep kiss and bite gently each others throat, you gather me by my hair and pull me back. I sit up you watch as I pleasure myself, stoke my clit until it is swollen with desire for you and I am softly moaning, my slant like a feral animal glazed with need. You are engorged and throbbing when I take your cock into my hand and stroke it upwards and hold it against my wet folds and slowly lower onto you. The rush is heavenly, riding you, my hand reaches behind me and caresses your balls gently, feel them tighten, and I ride harder, deeper, and faster, perspiration runs in droplets between my breast and you lean up and suck them again and I feel the sweat on your upper lip. I beg you to make me come and you roll me over, remaining inside me, pull my legs up, bent at the knees, pull them open wide and plunge deeper inside me rocking the bed. I raise my arms to hold onto the brass slats above me. The soft force of your cock at the core of my womanhood is the most amazing and exquisite feeling I can imagine, it triggers an orgasm that is hard and violent and delicious. My hand finds your balls and they spasm and you come in rhythms of waves, Your breathing is hard as your muscles tighten, your eyes close, and you come inside me and it is a paradise for me. When you pull away, our juices run down our inner thighs. We separate and kiss very deeply, there are no words to describe this feeling of complete satiation.

I get up and you watch me walk naked to the bathroom, come back with a warm soft cloth that I place gently over your pelvis and cock, lightly soothing you until our orgasm boils down. We get into the shower together then and bathe one another caressing tenderly.

I slip back into my jeans and put on your shirt because I like the smell of you, you smile. I take another glance at you on the bed, you are already falling into sleep and I close the door behind me.

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