For the third time, a Garda van transported Paddy, Brianna, Shakes, Ted and Sean to the courthouse.  A corridor of police officers protected the witnesses as they entered the Special Criminal Court.

Everyone was directed to their respective places in the courtroom. After a brief wait, the Registrar announced: “All rise. Department One of the Special Criminal Court is now in session. Judge Clarence MacMillan presiding. Please be seated.”

The Judge addressed the court, “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the People of the Republic of Ireland versus Dermot O’Sullivan. The Judges in the case have reached a verdict.

“The Hon. Mr. Justice Brian Cogan will read the verdict.

Judge: “Your Honor, Ms. Justice Isobel Ryan, Mr. Justice Clarence MacMillan and I, Justice Brian Cogan have reached a verdict:  On the charges of theft, illegal weapons and drug offenses the verdict is guilty as charged. On the charge of reckless use of firearms the verdict is guilty as charged. On the charge of attempted murder, the verdict is guilty as charged. 

Justice MacMillan said, “These are very serious charges and the court will defer sentence. Mr. O’Sullivan will remain in custody for sentencing on February 27th.

The corridor of police officers escorted the witnesses upon leaving the courthouse. A large crowd composed of farmers, military personnel and bikers milled about in front of the court. Despite the police presence, a man wearing a business suit and hat pulled low over his eyes stepped out of the crowd with a handgun pointed at the back of Paddy’s head fired two shots. He quickly disappeared back into the crowd.

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