Rhondda and I were awakened by the sound of assault rifle fire and breaking glass. Shards were sprayed across the floor. We turned on the bedside light and put slippers on to maneuver a path to the door. Glass crunched beneath our feet. All the lights in the house had been turned on. Paddy was in the kitchen with his cell phone to his ear, “Thanks Sergeant, now go back to your post.

“Dane, I just spoke to one of the soldiers guarding the perimeter. He stopped a small van and questioned the driver. It was a local farmer. He allowed the van to pass and when it neared the house a side door opened and someone opened fire with an assault rifle. The soldier fired at the van. He’s sure he hit it but it didn’t stop.

“Let’s look at the footage of the surveillance camera overlooking the clubhouse. There it is a white van entering the front gate. Upon stopping the driver is pushed out of the front door. He’s being beaten by someone who was inside the van. Now he’s being dragged into the clubhouse. Someone else has taken the van and they’re leaving the compound. I assume they want to get rid of it since it has bullet holes in the back. That would arouse suspicion when the police return. “

Rhondda and Brianna came down the stairs and entered the kitchen. “What’s going on. Does anybody know?”

“I think we can assume this attack was a warning. The shooter in the van was too far away to have a clear target. The best he could do was to spray a hailstorm of bullets at the house. I’ve made a quick check, nobody seems to have been hit. Highway spikes are what we need to prevent this from happening again.

“We need to decide what our next move will be. I think we should remain in a position of self-defense. We could retaliate, kill some bikers. What will that accomplish? The police will be back and people staying here will be charged with murder.”

Patrick said, “Rhondda and I are already flying under the radar for two other murders. We don’t want police attention. I suggest that we double the military presence defending the perimeter. I agree that highway spikes should be available to stop fleeing vehicles. The gang has its pride, but they won’t continue an assault that they can’t win. Even if they get reinforcements from other chapters or other gangs they can’t do anything that they haven’t tried already. Let’s look at all possibilities for defense. We know what this gang is capable of; we see it in the newspapers: car bombings, one clubhouse was destroyed by an anti-tank missile, machete attacks in airports, assassinations. Most of their activity is close hand to hand or armed conflict. I think we have a good defense. I suggest that we wait and see what their next move will be and go from there.”

Rhondda said, “That doesn’t give me a feeling of security. I feel that we’re like sitting ducks.”

Paddy asked, “Do you have any suggestions? What would you like to see us do?”

“I guess you’re right. I just hope that we’re not attacked again.”


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