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5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating Memoir of a Warrior

by Dennis Cardiff, September 20, 2018

I have read all of the books written by Rebecca Branch and this is the one that ties everything together. I encourage you to “Look Inside” and read the sample. Her Curriculum Vitae astounded me when I first read it. I guarantee that, after reading the introduction, the desire to purchase this book will be overwhelming. Go ahead, see for yourself.

Unlike events in her Art Historian Superheroes Series, real life doesn’t always unfold smoothly. Problems and tragedies happen and seem insurmountable. This is where the real heroic spirit of Rebecca Branch comes to the fore. I have tremendous respect for this warrior who can rise from the depths of despair and take us on a voyage of adventure, compassion and courage to bring us to a place of fulfillment, love and satisfaction where everything is right with the world. Can we ask anything more of a book?

5 Stars and in Amazon’s top 100: Biographies

A Life in Motion
by Lynwood Griffin Davis, September 15, 2018

Rebecca Branch has come up with another winner. This time though we get a peek behind the name to see the woman that it represents. In a series of some very colorful vignettes at times we see the very extraordinary life she has led. We see the triumphs and the defeats. We see the losses and gains. We see the happiness and the sadness. In other words we see ourselves in the pages of this book. Simply we see life in all its glory.

To call Rebecca a Renaissance woman would almost be damning her with faint praise. She is so much more than that. She is a woman of modernity and antiquity. She is a woman comfortable with Julius Caesar and Napoleon and also Eisenhower and Grant. She can enjoy Mozart and sing The Beatles as a lullaby. An epicure but sees the pleasure of a barbecue brisket from a neighbor. She has the heart of an Amazon warrior defending those that need it and inspiring others to her side. She is also gentle and vulnerable at the loss of those close to her. Be it through death or other circumstances. She does not simply endure but she thrives and grows.

She has learned to navigate the treacherous waters of sexism and ageism in the workplace and not loose her sense of humor nor her honor and dignity. We see the brilliant mind behind exterior. She also shows us life in its poignancy and the tears it can bring at times to us all. These provide some very moving moments to this excellent book.

In this sometimes maelstrom enters Jess a remarkable woman in her own right. What is there about Jess? That dear reader you will have to learn about on your own. I guarantee it is not uninteresting and provides great insight.

This book is a journal about family and friends. It is like going through a family photo album with captions. In it we get a sense of the human experience. Its many shades and colors. Its vibrancy and how it shapes an individual. Rebecca’s is rich and varied. She makes us think about our own lives and though it may be different than hers we can see it can be equally fulfilling. All we need to do is embrace it, savor it and live it. That my friends is not a bad way to travel. The Girl Who Fell Off The Turnip Truck gets a well deserved five stars. Bring on the next one Becca. I will be ready.