a big orange lion
lyin’ on a hill
he has all he needs
but he craves more still

he roars and he rants
’bout what he’s gonna do —
the truth of the matter
he hasn’t got a clue

he’s lived on his hill
for all his wasted life.
he’s ignorant and blind
to hunger and strife

the world is watching
and it won’t look away
for the evil he’s done
he’s gonna have to pay

without heart or brains
in his fantasy Oz
he can’t win the people
he doesn’t have a cause

a bully to minorities
he’s white caped and gowned.
when they come out to fight
he’s trampled to the ground

smoke and mirrors will clear,
the cheers will die down.
he’ll be left all alone
who wants a trumped up clown?



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