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it was 1am
hot and humid.
the neighbours were arguing,
nobody could sleep.
I was sweating.
even in the nude
the overhead fan didn’t help.
I longed for someone,
to distract me
from this endless night.
then you came,
my dream angel
wrapped only in a sheet.


“Hi handsome, want some company?”
you dropped the sheet.
long legs.
buoyant breasts,
curves that go on forever…

god, I love being me.
you saunter towards me
knowing the effect
you have on me,
on any man.
you want something.
so do I.
come to me,
have a lie down,
let’s be sociable.
this isn’t our first,
it may be continued.
who knows?
now it’s right,
now it’s salvation,
tomorrow will decide itself.
I’m immersed in your red lips.
I’m in heaven.

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