we rendezvous
at the secluded dunes.
the sea breeze
your diaphanous gown,
ruffles your hair
like a flag.

warmed by the sun —
liquid fire
burns our throats,
warms our bellies
spreads through our veins.

a picnic lunch
of sweet, exotic,
erotic fruit
wets our lips,
whets our appetites.

poetry and confessions
stimulate and comfort
mind and soul.
we eat, we drink, we talk.
when words are over
we move closer together.

I adore your eyes
of untold mystery
and ruby red, plump lips.
your scent is of the ocean.
you feel as delicate
as a flower.

I worry
that my clumsy hands
will crush you.
You assure me
that you are not so fragile
and put your arms
around my neck.

I sense your passion
and want to kindle it
with my own burning desire.
the taste of peach
the taste of you —
all my dreams
come true.


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