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as I had hoped,
she waited by the pier,
her bare feet splashed
in the sparkling waves.
a wraparound skirt,
the color of the sea,
dipped occasionally
in the water.

behind her ear
a Key Largo hibiscus,
it’s color complementing
her flowing red locks.
beside her, a picnic hamper,
a blanket and desire
folded on top.

she hadn’t seen me yet,
my white, unbuttoned,
guayabera shirt
flapping in the breeze.
matching pants
their bottoms rolled,
a bottle of champagne
swinging at my side.

the style I was aiming for
was cool, casual chic;
my pounding heart
belied my sartorial selection.
at my approach,
she squinted into the sun
then sprinted
into my waiting arms.

her scent was sea breeze
and hibiscus.
her cheek against my bare chest,
hearts beating in unison,
eyes looked longingly
into each others,
our lips met.
the sun smiled
its blessing.


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