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in another life,
(separated by circumstance).
I was your sun, you my moon.
We vowed to meet again
in this life or the next,
We often met in dreams
now, on mortal plane.

my moccasins
tread the forest trail
(you promised you’d be waiting).
Behind an evergreen
I hear you giggle,
(rustled branches part)
then your face is seen.

Your feet are bare,
eyes, dark and smiling.
The light of love is blinding,
rivals the sun in warmth and hue.
Twisted in your auburn hair,
fragrant blossoms
dripping dew.

With cries of joy
I’m welcomed back,
your open arms embrace,
while silent fall my tears.
Natures symphony
in harmony —
music to our ears.

The heady scent,
your delicate breath
falls gently to my whiskered cheek.
A soft, tender, gentle kiss.
Our tongues touch —
a moment
of timeless bliss.

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