From the Rebecca Branch Author Page on Amazon:

Thanks for taking a look at what’s going on in my world. I’ve finished my second book, titled Great Caesar’s Ghost. It is a romance novel about a time traveler wandering through the ages in Rome, New York, Boston and Paris. It reaches a high-point at the end and will be followed by a sequel which is scheduled for June, 2015. The next book is currently titled “A Roman Holiday”. Great Caesar’s Ghost is a continuation of the Summer of ’71 and Max DuPont is seven years older and the protagonist. Since there will now be four, and perhaps more books in the series, I’ve collectively named them the Art Historian Superhero Series.

If you’ve read any of my books, then you already know that they are romance stories with an abundance of historical and art historical flavor. They are often erotic, but the characters are genuine and in love, and the eroticism is not gratuitous, nor does it dominate the stories. Over a year ago I was challenged to write something as hot as 50 Shades of Grey and yet also appealing on an intellectual level to historians and art historians, as well as to anyone with a fascination with the city of Rome. I certainly hope my work is entertaining, but also expect that it will lead you to your own discovery of Rome, of history and art, and other cultural pursuits.


Great Caesar’s Ghost is a thoroughly satisfying read, just like good sex.  This is a feel-good erotic mystery that will leave you feeling refreshed and wholesome, not dirty and used. The difference between erotica and pornography is expressed well by

Leon Seltzer

Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D.  in Psychology Today

…what in general separates the erotic from the pornographic is an attitude toward sex and human sexuality that can be inferred from looking (dare I use the word, “objectively”?) at the finished product. If the subjects are portrayed in a manner that focuses on their inner and outer radiance, their fleshy vitality, and the work itself seems to manifest a passionate and powerful affirmation of life and the pleasures of this world, then I think we’re talking erotic. If, however, the subjects seem reduced to so many body parts, if any beauty appears subordinate to the overriding purpose of arousal, if the sex depicted seems depersonalized, controlling, non-mutual, and devoid of fun or play (but rather seems about “getting down to business” and “getting off”)–and if the sex acts pictured contain not a hint of human caring or emotional connectedness to them–that, to me, would definitely secure the work’s place in the realm of pornography.


I have read Rebecca’s first book Summer of ’71 and gave it a 5-Star review on Goodreads and Amazon. The character of Max, from the first book, continues his adventures in Great Caesar’s Ghost, however the books are completely independent.

I haven’t read many books that involve time travel, but this one quickly dispelled my disbelief. In each time period the author gives a fascinating account of the era, in terms of dress, appliances, architecture, speech and morals. As in Summer of ’71 I learned something on every page. Rebecca has a unique and delightful manner of storytelling that gives the reader the feeling that she is a friend that they may converse with on an intimate level.

Be prepared for excitement, adventure, eroticism and thorough enjoyment as you read Great Caesar’s Ghost by Rebecca Branch. I rate this book 5 Stars. Her next Book Roman Holiday is expected to be released in July of this year.