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Every page fascinating.

Reviewing “Summer of ’71, by Rebecca Branch, is like writing an account of a gourmet banquet where each course tastes better than the one previous. This book is: travelog, history, historical fiction, memoir and mind-blowing erotic romance.

The characters, Max and Molly, are both lovable and vulnerable. We experience events through both personalities. Molly, the stunning international fashion model, who has been used and abused, finds herself stranded and homeless in Rome.  She is offered accommodation as the house guest of Max, the seventeen year old, shy in sexual experience. He is a historian who, over the summer, guides her through the city of his Roman ancestors. The two grow to love and desire each other, but are hindered by past insecurities. Will this be simply a summer romance or will it develop into something more?

The sex is uninhibited, but not unkind. Always there is choice, consent, respect and dignity. Always there is equality of gender, sexual preference, race and class. These are big issues and it takes a big book to deal with them. Superb, in every way, this novel was written by a very skilled and intelligent author. I learned something on each fascinating page. I have already ordered the author’s second book, Great Caesar’s Ghost: A Time Travel Romance (Art Historian Super Heroes Book 2).