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“If a monk was physically attacked, the Buddha allowed him to strike back in self-defense, but never with the intention to kill.”

Thanissaro Bhikkhu


3:9:11_6Dennis and his shiny motorcycle


when i was younger
i considered life a game.
i’d try anything once
for the experience.
there was nothing
i wouldn’t do
on a dare

that wasn’t a period
of great decisions.
they seemed
like good ideas
at the time —
they were

now i’m concerned
with what i can accomplish
in the finite time ahead.
i don’t expect to die
in the near future
but the end
will come

each day i become
more of an activist
for the rights of all humans
and animals.
that’s a bit scary —
new territory for me.
i feel vulnerable
to attack

when i was younger
i said, and still say,
‘if your back’s against the wall
fight your best fight,
take your lumps —
the rest’ll take care
of itself’

there’s blood on the wall, blood on the floor,
some of it’s mine, but he spilled more.
got what I came for, took a lot of pain for.
watching my back, i leave by the side door.