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Invasive meningococcal disease
(IMD) caused by N. meningitidis
is relatively uncommon, but the
consequences can be devastating.
Even when treated in an otherwise
healthy person IMD can be fatal
within 48 h. Case-fatality rates
exceed 10%, and up to 20% of
survivors sustain permanent sequelae,
including neurologic complications,
loss of limbs, hearing loss, and paralysis…





i was hospitalized, diagnosed and treated

for a disease (long story).


my doctor now tells me

i didn’t have that disease —

he doesn’t know what i had


the good news —  the treatment was successful

i am cured


what I had may have been

a minor strain of a virus

transmitted, in the same manner as a cold or the flu

*glares accusingly at co-workers, gym members

and bus riders*


i was healthy one moment

the next moment i could have been

an unfortunate statistic.

what i learned —