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each morning, upon awakening
I’m offered the possibility to change —
to improve my life.

I can commit to helping others;
in general — try to be a better:
husband, father, worker, citizen.

This is the possibility;
my challenge is to follow through —
make today an example for life.

This is a small step. I realize
my influence is not far-reaching,
but, it is a first step.

If everyone takes that step — reaches out,
enriches the lives of  friends and contacts —
we can change the world.

As Nelson Mandela expressed:
the consciousness of one person can
bring about global change for the good.

One drop of kindness in the pool of
humanity will cause a ripple
which can generate into a wave.

A wave of hope, of caring, of love
of sharing is all that is needed
to solve the problems of this planet.

We can end oppression, starvation,
genocide and the ravages of
war and disease — one step at a time.

Each morning upon awakening
we can make the choice
to improve our world.

Let us take this opportunity
to be the change we wish to see in the world
we can be the difference.