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I wandered back into my mind,
to wooded paths, I hoped to find
the spirit that I found so fair —
eyes of onyx, raven hair.

Behind an oak I’d seen her spy.
She ran away, I thought her shy.
A giggle, then she left my view —
I followed her, what could I do?

Down unfamiliar trails I ran
and found myself where I began.
I sat upon a rock and mourned —
thought perhaps that I’d been scorned.

I sensed a presence sitting there —
eyes of onyx, raven hair.
She smiled the warmest brightest smile
then took my hand. We sat a while.

My heart was lifted to the sky;
my troubles, they began to fly
as she told me what I needed
was within me to be heeded.

My heart was closed from fear and pain
she urged me open it again.
Give of love and help the needy,
there is no grace for the greedy.

When I’m confused and feeling lost
I think of wooded trails I’ve crossed,
the spirit that I found so fair —
eyes of onyx raven hair.